Semi-Auto rifle

Hello newmans!

Ive been on a bit of a hiatus from rust for a while due to some computer issues, though I still keep up with the news and what has been added. So I would like to suggest one more thing to see if you guys would like it, a semi-automatic rifle. Im thinking something with a 10 round clip, longer range and higher damage than the ak, though not as much as the bolt, and a faster fire rate than the bolt, but not the ak. I think it would be a great addition as it would bridge the gap between ak and bolt.

So what do you guys think? Feedback is welcome!

I have always wanted this. They do have concept art for a Rust themed M14 on their Trello page (they don’t use it anymore). The image is bundled with concept art for the Thompson as well.

That looks awesome!

That M14 has made me hard since the first day I saw it.

I do remember seeing that concept a while back, and I would love to see this gun go into the final game. If its one thing I like, its variety, especially when it comes to weapons.

ak need 2-4 shoots to kill, bolt 1-2 . So if it supposed to have more damage then ak its too OP

You are just going off numbers and not game play. Plus if it is too OP they can change other things.

I have always wanted some kind of Winchester type lever action that fires pistol bullets. Really would be as cool as shit!

Exactly game play if it’s going to kill someone with armor in 2 shoots, he have no chances to heal himself as with bolt now. So i think damage must be equal to ak or even a litle lower.

The entire damage system needs reworking anyways, damage should be based on caliber/velocity. An m14 shoots a .308 round out of a 20 inch barrel, irl it fucks shit up. The boltie should be a 30-06 or something (potentially loads more powerful than a .308). The ak fires 7.62x39 which is more powerful than a .223 with less range, but significantly less power than a .308 (still kills people in one shot just fine). Where caliber and power really come into effect is range and armor penetration.

Also a quarter inch steel plate barely stops most pistol rounds, I think this should be reflected in our armor options.

I really like those concepts so far, and the new concepts are awesome too

But the new AK look its like a brand new ak47 with a brand new shovel in the back its like its come from another game, isn´t RUST style, but isn´t really really new idk

Thank the lords of rust for they have heard my prayers!

So glad to here this may be developed soon, can wait to use it!

You should embed your image. That first gun looks too similar to the Thompson in my opinion but I really like the second one. I wouldn’t mind seeing the M14 and M1 Garand (I have no clue how this is an M1 Garand but it looks nice) in game.

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It’s just a model, they can easily add scuffs, dents, dirt etc. later. Making a clean model is better so they can edit more easily later on.

Also they kept referring to that sight as a ‘holo sight’ is that a replacement for the current holo sight, a more rustic version (so they will have both, one from the helis and one just from being made) or is it actually the new red dot?

The newly released devblog…

Looks like they may be adding a new gun after all:

^ That is why you should have embedded your image Dark Hunter.

Ah, someone beat me to it, lol. Still, Im exited to see this in game!

As a firearms enthusiast, I cant force myself to like that second rifle. The spring underneath suggests that it is a unlocked recoil operated system but that would require it to have a slide over the barrel like a pistol in order to function. My other qualm is that this is supposed to be a semi auto rifle but the barrel is large enough to fire 12g shells, it would actually be really cool to have a semi auto shotgun but if that’s the case then the magazine needs to be massive so as to hold more than two rounds.

Also left handed ejection is dumb.