Semi Auto Rifle

The gun is great for its price. But I really hoped that it would be hybrid between AK and Bolt rifle, something for medium range, a battle rifle like M14.
Instead we have poor mans 5.56 shooter with damage of P250. It would be nice to Buff up damage and make it cost HQM instead of metal fragments.

This gun will have a huge impact on the servers come wipe day. I think it fits right where it needs to, and does a great job of bridging the gap between bows and HQM guns. Let’s face it, how many people used revolvers and did well with them? Generally speaking I would have to pull out a bow in order to win when I started with a revolver.

The Semi Auto Rifle does decent damage, has a range that can shoot around that of a bow and still be on target, and it sounds scary. Players think twice when someone has a Semi Auto Rifle just because the speed at which it shoots is faster than that of a bow. It is cheap so no one is really afraid to lose it if they are running around hunting or resource gathering, and it will be all the rage on wipe week.

You remember when wipe day you seldom heard a gunshot due to someone finding a gun in a box? Not anymore, most people will have a Semi Auto or two in the first hour or so come wipe day, and gunfire will be rampant.

Mark my words, the Semi Auto Rifle is the biggest change this game has seen in a long time, and it does well for what they wanted. I am sure that the Devs did not want to outshine the usefulness of HQM guns, all it is supposed to do is help bridge that gap, even if it is in a small way.

There are enough HQM guns, this gun is perfect as is.

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This gun will have a huge impact on the servers come wipe day."

Dude 10 min and you can craft AK after the damn wipe…

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We gotta Agree with the OP . Nobody uses it because does the damage of a revolver…

I will be crafting semi-auto pistols. Semi-auto rifle costs a hell of a lot of metal frags, something which are so precious on wipe day.