Semi-Missing Particles?

For a while, since who knows how long, I’ve had quite a quarrel with my Garry’s Mod textures, kinda.
I’ve had all the required textures… It was that on top of some of the textures themselves is the Missing Texture (Black and Pink Boxes). It happens a lot with textures that should be glossy, or transparent textures like windows.

I’ve taken a few screenshots from High Rise Apartment for example:

Any help on how to resolve this? It kinda really grinds my gears, they’re a real eyesore.

Not particles, but textures. It may be caused by your video settings, or a bad map textures.

It could be particles. I mean, It’s not the texture itself. Look closely at the screenshots, the texture is still there.

Why would particles be overlaying textures? It’s definitely not particles.