Semi raided DarkestRealm yesterday (Dynasty guy)

So yesterday we had one hell of a fight against Dynasty, and I thought I would share it here aswell.

It was extremely fun, but frustrating a time… I fail at Stair jumping :wink:

Goodfight Dynasty. Even though you speed-dialed that many guys!

Why not just post this in the thread you made before about your Youtube channel?

It bothers me how all the attention of these videos are about killing Dynasty people, of course it’s not Feinter’s fault, but Keem’s fault for bringing his fans there. They don’t like the actual video or the editing, they just go crazy seeing a few guys getting killed.

The whole Rust Dynasty clan is just an image. There isn’t even much of it left due to the wipe and such. The elites which made it’s name are mostly gone, leaving the rookies where they left off.

Hahahaha omg, there are no ‘elites’ that made its name, they’re known for the numbers.

OttR atm Dynasty is the most challenging people to take down. They really do have the numbers to mow you down.

I did not know who Keemstar was untill I actually did research and talk to Laziestnoob.

Of course people are gonna go crazy seeing Dynasty fall, since a lot of people have trouble taking them down.

Before and in the early Dynasty, we were elites. I for one have had my aim terribly worn down because I haven’t played in more than a month.

And then it was numbers. But you always have to start with power or you get nowhere.

I just killed 7 of them today they were attempting to raid me and I and my group fucked their shit up. We got about 10 sets of kevlar, 30 charges and lots more, thanks rama214 :slight_smile:

7 of them? For the record it was 3 of us. We were next to choco’s lootroom ready to plant C4s but suddenly plane and Ves went to get the cargo. Needless to say he died alone and the whole plan went apeshit. Good fight though

I’m just laughing my ass off at all this unneeded drama that wouldn’t happen if people quit acting like they’re some superpower or something :v:

hahaha all of dynasty dumbed my post

raid yet they seem they dont need to so why steal others shit when you seem to have so much?

sorry for my ignorance, but are these green medkits? in the video it is clear that you got green medkits, can you tell me who they are?


Dynasty is just a clan of friends. All of this bullshit about us basing our group on “numbers” and stuff is annoying because it really isn’t true. We definitely aren’t what some people like to say we are. There’s usually only around 5-9 people on at a time and there’s really nothing special about us so quit making a big deal over killing people in a rust clan.

Newly added Large medkits. Came with the wolfs and bears.

Its the new Large medkits. :wink:

I think the drama ended in the keemstar thread.
But hell no it didn’t. I hope they are soon to realize no one cares

Damn look what we started

If you just stop fueling the fire, it’ll eventually just go out.

What I don’t get is there is so much hate between the community for a game that isn’t even finished.

there isnt much hate to be honest… just butthurt players.

we raided an angry man
angry man got mad
angry man attacked another user via mass downvoting his content with his community
angry man says im a bad troll
bad troll bans his twitch accounts
bad troll is still here
angry man cries on the forums and still tries to get back at bad troll and dynasty for raiding him.