Semi-serious dark rp server help

Hello I don’t actually know if this is the correct post but I had to post it somewhere to request your help.I want so desperatily to setup my own dedicated server.I know all this stuFf with ports and my server is joinable.But the problem is that non admins no matter what job they pick they only have phygun.gravitygun,camera,toolgun.I checked the server.cfg added commands checked in game admin menu with no luck.Please do not guide me to a tutorial because most likely I have already saw it.I just want to fix this problem.Btw I used the custom jobs for dark rp on DarkRp help article.

Admin mod used:New admin

My system
4 core procesor 2,4Ghz (I think its called q6600)
Graphic card nvidia Sparkle 9800GT

Uninstall all your admin mods and install a better one.

This isnt thery relevant to the thread, but you havent put spaces behind any of your punctuations.

And what the user above me said might be true, it really depends on what admin mods youre actually using.

Yes, thats deffenetly a problem.
I would reccomend ULX, Evolve might work too though.

I forgot to mention I have <new admin>.Is this a problem?


Excuse where should I do exactly?And I dont believe there is a suitable section for this.

I had similar problems with new admin, its more of a sandbox administration tool.

Assmod is a little better for DarkRP.

Hmm so it worked for you with Assmod?I used it on a sandbox server but I didnt though it was capable enough for Dark RP.Also is there any other setup-modifications I have to do to make it Dark RP?


Im pretty sure for a admin mod you only need kick/ban and maybe teleport.

Ok I go change the admin mod and tell you what happens anyone willing to add me on steam and help me just for 20 mins I will appreciate it.


Just do it and wait.

Dudes you are so great I unistalled New admin and installed ULX it now works with that.