Semi-Serious DarkRP - Luke n Tom's Server!

Server Name : Semi-Serious RP |Drugz Mod|PHX|Custom Shipments/Jobs|UK|24/7

Maps : rp_downtown_v2

Addons we use : PcMod2, drugz, PHX 3 , Wire, Connas Pack, + some other little bits and pieces.

Slots : 32

IP :

Gamemode : DarkRP

Site At :

At the time of posting this, it’s pretty late, so nobody will be only, but during day server is always busy :).

Hope to see you playing!


Some stuff people decided to do in their time on the server;

They decided to make Nazi Germany

Others didn’t like this…

Some people made the America And Mexico Border

Others just run from people

And some just farm money…

Server is now extremely popular, check it out! Lots of custom stuff.

Also, as of tommorow, the advanced mayor system will kick into effect.

This means, once he is killed he is demoted, he can set laws using /broad and has 2 guards. This makes being the mayor a lot more risky in DarkRP, but it comes with a reward of a 200$ Salary. Also, the assassin who successfully elimates the mayor recieves a 1000$ payout from the server! That makes RPing as the mayor a lot more interesting, and being a guard so much more enthrilling!

We can add basically anything, and are working on motorbikes on the server now. Any suggestions? Please post them!

With the amount of custom crap and the fact you included it in the name, I fear 12 year olds. Using downtown confirms this fear. Though you managed to near enough fill 32 slots, which is weird. Pretty good, so long as you have people who are screeching 12 year olds.

We have a strong team of mature, and fair admins. This helps us keep down the minging. The fact that people cannot just hop on and buy a gun helps, since the guns are more expensive on our server.

Yeah, server is practically full all prime time - but today we’ve had to do some maintenance.

There is a large variety of RPing to do, and we are always looking for more stuff to add !

Huh, you upped the costs of guns, that always a good idea with populated DarkRP servers. At least you seem to know what not to give the morons :v: I may stop by some day, if it weren’t for the fact I will die from having to download mods, that gets damn annoying on my connection. And how do 32 players co-exist on downtown anyway :raise: Seems a bit small.

Well, we normally have atleast 3 in the CP building, the mayor and his 2 guards, since if he dies he looses his job, and a lot of people try to take him hostage!

We are freeing up some space by adding a class called ‘zombie’ who basically lives in the deepest depths of the sewer. He is shot on sight if he is seen outside the sewers, but inside the sewers he roams and mugs players who are trying to set up money printer bases etc. He has more speed than everyone else.

There are usually a few people with stores, such as the Hat Dealer - he sells hats for people to wear! Gun dealer, the Gadget Dealer, Drug Dealer. Then you have the gangsters who spend most of their time hidden in their base, coming out only to bring murder to the street.

The cops spend most of the time on the main street - so this is always busy.

And the appartments are usually full of PC-Techs and civillians, money printer farming…

Oh and on our server, when someone leaves, their shipmetns and money printers stay, sooo… It’s worth raiding!!

Hmmm, I think I’ll join! I’ll sign up on the fourms too~

Yeah, I just saw your post! Sorry I replied before I read here :wink:

Sounds like just another generic DRP server…

And this statement is supposed to mean…?

Uhm yeah, I’d like to play but I’ve installed Wiremod, PHX3 and PCMod 2 from SVN and still I have to download about 800 files. Care to explain which files I gotta download because I’m not gonna stand in line for about 1 hour to download all the files because you guys don’t have a FastDL

I like to be a serieus Assfucker

It’s not an hour, I joined off my mates PC the other day, without PHX or anything and it was about 400 - it took 10minutes to download.

well iv been playing the last couple of night/days and i found it a good server to play on.
Iv been playing role playing for quiet some time now and this is acturly a good one:)

But yeah ther are quit a few 12 year olds but the admins are very good at handling these kids.

But all in all it’s worth visiting the Server and play:)


ps took me like 10mins to connect to the server.

sry for bad spelling i was at school and in the middle of a class xD spelling fixed

Thanks for the vouch Matrix :wink:

Lets add Gcombat next :3

Looks like you fixed all the problems that made DarkRP a mingery place, congratulations, now you have made a nice server for casual and fun roleplay :slight_smile:

Except it crashes every ~2 hours

Yeah, that is the problem, we are still working on tweaking all the conflicting scripts. It’s a fairly new server, remember, takes time to iron out ALL the bugs!

Yeah it’s a bit annoying it crashes all the time but as Luke said its a fairly new server :slight_smile:
So i say give them some time:)