Semi-serious RP Ideas

So I am making my own server, it’s pretty realistic I must say, so I want to share some of my idea to others server owner who like serious (semi-serious) roleplay and want to make it realistic
(Bad english incomming, sorry for that first)

  1. The f4 menu need to be removed, if only you have money to buy some shop script on sf :v
  2. Disable teleport from jail, also cops must get people to the pd to arrest them, you can use push mod or cuff mod to force the criminal to go
  3. Hunger mod: it would be better if people can hang around restaurant and have fun
  4. Some kind of working system like farming or stuff for people to get money from, also get the arrest reward for police so they can make their money
  5. Don’t create tons of job like thief, leader thief, hacker,… Just make simple job, there are no criminal job, make it more neutral like a simple citizen, a real thief is a citizen though, and let them buy illegal item to be a thief
    This is all I got, if you have more interesting idea or concept plz comment below
    And again, sorry for the terrible english :v

can we stop having this same thread posted every week

Lol idk that since I’m pretty new here



RDA wave incoming, yis :joy:

My players are good so I don’t worry much about rdm or rda,…

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Also, what wrong with the “let them buy illegal item”?
(Sorry but I’m on a old java phone so I’m lazy to quote)

Generally, a thief doesn’t buy stuff. A thief grabs stuff.


That optimism can be smelled from miles away :boxhide:

But how can you get in a house without buying the lockpick? Or a doorbreach to rape the bank?

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I’m thousand miles away from you for sure

noun, plural thieves.
a person who steals, especially secretly or without open force; one guilty of theft or larceny.

So you mean I must make lockpick free for them? Or make a thief system? Real thief still have to buy thing tho

Make a steal sytem or a loot finding system where lockpicks are thrown in the sewer for thieves to find, but try adding a twist where some areas require a gas mask that have to be first stolen from a janitor or sewer cleaning job.

That is pretty good idea, but look like I will make a crafting system for it

Woah, that’s a very fucking good idea. However, a lot of these points require some more depth to them. What would there be a janitor/sewer cleaning job for, what would they do? Why specifically would they need a gas mask?

I propose adding onto that an illness system. Basically, over time, player’s can become ill, with certain diseases. Some of these diseased reduce the player’s maximum health, some reduce their movement speed, or start playing around with their aim vector a little (ie they are tipsy), some impair vision, all sorts of effects could be applied. Now some diseases have a chance to spread to other players via close range, diseases could be diagnosed by a doctor (hooray, more reason to be a doctor) and treated using a complicated swep (which could kill the player if done wrong, however cannot be used offensively, if used from infront of the player, the player can choose to deny the drug, but then again if from behind you could treat it as a steal attack, so cue the creepy killer doctor). Gas masks could be used (improvised and industrial) to protect against airborne contagions.

^ I don’t think it fit darkrp well, I still want to roleplay not fighting with virus to get a gas mask and then get the lockpick :v but it can fit on fallout rp or zombierp stuff

A sewer cleaning job could be used for reducing the chance of getting ill and the spread of diseases, but i do agree with the side-effect and medical treatment idea. Still, even if the sewer was clean some areas should remain hazardous so getting lockpicks isn’t always easy.

It’s neccessary to create a complex system just to make the thief can’t get the lockpick easily? (Still a good idea tho)

So break rules for progress, on a server you will get banned on? no.