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Hello, since a while now I encounter a very annoying problem on GMOD, This problem is that: My flashlight does not cast a lot of light (It is very dark, and it is starting to get me seriously …)

I also have a problem with the tool “lamp” It does not project any light, but when I stand in front of the lamp there is the flash light!

I have already uninstall GMOD / reinstall all my addons but I know that: it is a problem caused by an add-ons since i did many manipulations to see where the problem was coming from,maybe from the addon “Life Mod” ?

If you want any proofs (Video/Screenshots) Ask me !

Thanks for trying to resolve this annoying problem

Do you have Overwolf installed? If yes, delete it.

Sorry for the late reply,but no i didnt i un-installed the game ;/ Still the same problem if you want some screen,here you go :

"Using a lamp lights the gravity,but the little halo around it is just my actual flashlight,let’s pursue with the next "

I can see the brightness of the lamp,but not the light that it’d normally cast :confused: