Send It ( Two snipers in the desert )

That looks great dude, the color is perfect, I like the lighting as well. Nicely done.

Great edit! Love it

Nice picture, i dislike the smudging/waves in the middle of the screen to the up and left of the tank though, alittle distracting

Apart from the smudge in the middle and the lensflare, love it!

The area around the rock near the tank is discolored (what Fort83 referenced), the blending elsewhere looks really nice. I really like how you executed it, though.

Maybe we are truly looking at the pair through a scope of sorts of our own?

lens flareee…

what map is that?

i was trying to make a heat wave effect from the ground like if you see the top of a road in the summer it looks its all heat wavey idk… and the shadows of the background dont match the light source o well

dang them walking bushes

Very cool

lol lens flare

Oh, yes. This’ll do nicely. Well done.

Wish I had such Photoshop skills. Awesome work.

Pretty good stuff. I need to actually install this map, it looks pretty awesome.

yea its gm_bajarama

It’s pretty nice looking, except for the weird smudging in the middle.

Holy crap pure awesomeness