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hey guys need some help please - i keep repeatedly in console getting the error:

this is whenever i host/join a server - my console is filled with it.
i have tried:
re-installing, including deleting the folder etc.
start a single player - this worked but i’m guessing it works differently etc.

after some help guys

What connection are you running?

This has nothing to do with connection speed. It’s an issue with having too much lua shit running.

I’m also getting this error. Can someone please provide details on how to stop this!!! >.<

Even i always have this error but i can still join servers and play normally.
Though it would help to know what this error is all about…
The custom addons/tools i have installed are PHX Mod, Wing STOOL and GhostScript

I got this error, it got fixed when I removed the advanced duplicator… Wich was very sad for me to not have the adv. duplicator…

Honestly, I am not sure what is causing this… but here is a simple work-around… simply keep trying! I don’t know why this works, but when I try to make a listen server the first time, I overflow, then when I try to make one again (without exiting), it works! Perhaps it is just due to the fact that it precaches everything the first time… then fails, then it only has to precache the remaining things to get ingame.

Edit: And yes, I get this on both my listen and dedicated… and they both have the advanced duplicator and the wiremod… those two seem to be taking most of the blame here, but I have gotten it up and running with both.

I also have this problem but instead of making me unable to play on my dedicated server I crash the server too! Garry needs to fix this ASAP.

Yea, the strange thing about my dedicated server… I can bring it online and my friend can join with no issues… but when I join, my client overflows, but the server remains uneffected.

Well this is a serious problem for me because I need to admin my server but how am I supposed to do that if all I do is crash my server before I can successfully get in!

This even happens when my client has no addons and is straight from a fresh reinstall

Has it always been like this?

Not for me no, just started happening recently.

When you get to the join screen, and it says “joining game” and you’re getting console spam, type “retry” into the console. It works for me 100% of the time whilst connecting to problem servers.

Thanks, I’ll try this and let you know if it works!

Yeah, works for me too, except now it’s overflowing in my own server.
Which doesn’t work anymore.

I got this problem now too. Started to happen now when i launched up my server, never happened before, and i have not even done any changes to the server!

Does anyone know a definite fix? This happens if I have too many addons.

Damn. This didn’t work for me :frowning:

I get this on my dedicated server - just installed with no mods.

And my client is also a fresh install.

I will email Garry on behalf of this thread.

Delete advanced copygun if you have it. That fixed it for me.