Send something to a HTTP server or something?

If any of you remeber coderhire it had a tracker that showed how many people was using you addon and what servers they were. Script fodder does not have this so is there a way to do it without using scriptfodder? Maybe a way to send an email or something?

You would need to make your own server side script using that and send it to a website that does something with the posted data.


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Is there a way to get the server IP and Port?


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You’ll have to format the ip though:
function game.GetIP()

local hostip = GetConVarString( "hostip" ) -- GetConVarNumber is inaccurate
hostip = tonumber( hostip )

local ip = {}
ip[ 1 ] = bit.rshift( hostip, 0xFF000000 ), 24 )
ip[ 2 ] = bit.rshift( hostip, 0x00FF0000 ), 16 )
ip[ 3 ] = bit.rshift( hostip, 0x0000FF00 ), 8 )
ip[ 4 ] = hostip, 0x000000FF )

return table.concat( ip, "." )


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Source btw: