Sending data between 2 functions?

Hey, I need to know how I would send data between 2 lua functions!

One is my dermapanel(car_panel.lua) script and one is my npc script(car_customizer.lua).

I only need to send one single variable between the scripts, how do I do this?

Just make the variable global

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Assuming this is clinet to client or server to server. It would help if you where more specific as to what you want transferred.

You could use the netlibrary for this:

Depending if you want to send data from client to server or server to client you either use net.SendToServer() or net.Send(). All the other information you need is in that link.

You shouldn’t think of it as sending data between one function and the other, think whether you need to send data from client to client, client to server or server to client.

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