Sending data from CL to SV

I’m working on a poll system for my server (ULX based). I’m using a usermessage for !poll, so the client knows when to open the “Vote In Poll” system.

Problem is, I need a way to send data BACK to the server. I’d just use a concommand but I get the feeling comcommands made by Lua will never be added to that damned whitelist ever. So, I need some alternative method of doing so, and I’m sure usermessages won’t go backwards. So, I need a solution.

tl;dr How do I make a Derma menu send data to the server?

Concommands are the only way (apart from datastream, which uses concommands). Create a concommand on the server, and call it on the client.

Hmm, I thought the concommand thing was based on a whitelist system. I guess that’s only for builtin engine commands?

What? Just make a concommand serverside to add the vote into a table.

What ChewGum said, or datastream. But I don’t suggest datastream

This is the “Newbie Questions” forum, you’re bound to get stupid questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Sending stuff from client to server isn’t really needed for this kinda thing.

The script allows multiple polls going at a time, I was planning on sending data so the server knows which poll person X is voting on.

I’ll just do concommand args (same thing, imho, but details details)