Senran Kagura 2 - Shinku (Deep Crimson) models

Here’s everything from the “model” folder of the Japanese version:

Let’s start ripping 'em.

Slight problem:
RTB’s Pokemon XY/ORAS .BCH importers don’t work with these for obvious reasons, and Ohana3DS ( ) only exports .smd WITHOUT the skinning, which nobody wants.
[del]Ohana SEEMS to be capable of reading the weights in a model just fine, but the SMD exporter is broken like so:[/del]

Ohana-exported .smd:
00 !0.000000 0.000000 0.000000! /0.000000 0.000000 0.000000/ (0.000000 0.000000) {0} [? ?.?????? ? ?.?????? ? ?.?????? . . .]
Ordinary .smd:
00 !0.000000 0.000000 0.000000! /0.000000 0.000000 0.000000/ (0.000000 0.000000) {0} [0 0.000000 0 0.000000 0 0.000000 . . .]

The first number is the parent bone index, !! block corresponds to vertex position, the // block corresponds to normals, () is the UV, {} marks the number of bones the vertex is supposed to be weighed to and the block marks additional bones and weights, which makes it possible to weigh one vertex against several different bones.

In practice, positioning, normals and UVs work fine, but the exporter chokes up at this point onwards by eating up the weight number and the weight lists.
[del]I’m not good with Visual Basic, but it seems like most of the functionality has been implemented (albeit most likely improperly) already:

Anybody with a bit of time and knowledge would probably be capable of steering the exporter in the right direction by just downloading a copy of the source and poking around.[/del]

Ohana isn’t set up to read vertex weights. God dammit.
Next best bet is editing RTB’s BCH importer to read Senran Kagura .BCHs based on Ohana’s offsets, which may or may not work out at all.

instant support.

Have you tried the new version of the tool?

IIRC I aleady tested models from this game:

What files are those animations under?
Also I can’t seem to see the textures on the models when I load them in the new Ohana, the models just show up in full white.

That’s exactly what I was waiting for. I knew Ohana was being updated through Rei’s Twitter, but I didn’t know the updated version was already available.
I’ll give this a shot in a couple minutes. Thanks for all your hard work!


Just tried the Git version compiled, since the Export feature in the latest ProjectPokemon build didn’t work.
So far, the problems I’m noticing are:

  1. Pokemon X/Y and OR/AS .bch files don’t render in the viewer itself, yet can be exported. Textures load fine.
  2. Conversely, X/Y Trainer parts render in the viewport, yet their textures don’t load at all.
  3. The fact that it’s not yet possible to seperate makes dealing with Senran Kagura models problematic, since each .bch contains many, many individual parts.
  4. The SMD exporter exports the model UVs upside down.
    Of course, it’s perfectly possible to work around all these problems by just using both the new and old versions in conjunction, and the program is still extremely solid overall.
    Once again, great job.

1/2 - For Pokémon problems, please PM me, since that would be off-topic.
3 - What do you mean with this? Mass exporting models from a folder?
4 - I flip the UVs on purpose, since on the softwares I tested, it only works right if I flip the Y axis.

Note about white models: If you compile it from sources, you can try to set “useLegacyTexturing” on “Ohana\RenderEngine.cs” to true to disable the Fragment Shader. Keep in mind that some textures needs to be blended together to look correct, and that only works with the Fragment Shader.

Note about the animations: They are inside the “player_1” folder. The rar linked by the OP doesnt seems to contain them. The name of one animation is “pl00_mot_B_M00.bch”, so anyone with the files can just search for this file to find 'em. To play an animation: Click menu > open (open the model). Click in animation tab at the bottom, expand Skeletal animations group, click on import, open the animation bch file. A list of animations will appear. Select the desired animation and click in play.

-snip-, I see you have PMs turned on now
For #3, this is what I’m talking about:

In the Senran Kagura BCHs, a character’s expressions or clothing layers are all stored as pieces within a single BCH as seen above, which the new Ohana version doesn’t seem to support. This is a big problem for the 3ds Max SMD importer, as it merges objects haphazardly depending on their smoothing normals.
On the subject of #4, would it perhaps be possible to add a Settings menu to make it easier to turn this on and off? I suppose it’s not really much of a problem when you know exactly what’s going on, so it’s not really necessary, but, convenience.



Hey there, thanks for sharing these with everyone! I was just wondering though because I was wanting to edit some of the models of Senran Kagura Burst. I extracted the RomFS folder from the cia, but all of the files in there are in .bin format. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to convert these bin files to .bch format like you did… please share how you did it! Nothing online about it at all either, only for stuff like editing pokemon game files but none of those methods work on these .bin files…

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