Sense of Direction

Gonna leave this topic open, but I’ve noticed that when trying to get together with friends in Rust you’re one big way to find them is to figure out where they are based on the sun/moon positioning. Are there plans for an in-game map to me given at start or to be crated? Does the idea of an in-game map sound like a good idea? What’s your opinion?

Sounds understandable I agree that one should be added but it shouldn’t be like some godly map that’s perfect and shows what direction your facing and where you are otherwise… Also a compass might make a good addition with the map. have a compass rose on the map and then simply follow the direction of the compass rose with your physical compass.

I like the fact that there is no in-game map. However, a compass would be an excellent addition, especially at night.

The compass is something I had also thought of.
As for a map, how about if it is manually progressed? Say you have to stop at a workbench and “craft” the current surroundings onto your map every time you visit a new area.

what about if the compass was something you had to equip and hold it out in front of you

only is we could use one handed weapons a t the same time Holding a compass doesn’t take two hands.

im using the BIG grey mountain that u can see from everywhere (almost) to lead me … hope it help sum1


Mountains save lives!

After a few weeks I had the map memorized and know my way around pretty well. I do often think, though, that we just need to name the Rad zones. Better names than this, but just for example lets go with red, blue, green, orange, and pink. Then it’d be easy to say, let’s meet up at green zone or whatever. The only one I hear so far in-game that most people know is the “Hangar” it’s a unique location and so I often hear people say to one another, meet me at the hangar…

I thought about the compass as well, adding either a map or a compass would greatly increase one sense of direction for finding their way around, only problem is that if you already know which way the sun and moon rise and set you will already have an understanding of which direction you’re heading, so a compass is kinda just idiot proofing the compass for those who never check the sky.

Perhaps initially, a low probablity piece of Lodestone mined from a rock that you have on a piece of string (having to wait for it to settle on direction) and then a compass with a much quicker settling time later on in the tech tree??

Having a craft-able compass would be awesome. Maybe requiring a small amount of wood, metal, and stone, so you could craft it at the basic level like the stone hatchet.

Use the radiation zones as markers and name parts of the map for easier direction.

Example we fought KFC (french clan) on the US server a while back and now we call that part of the map smelly valley.