Sensor stools are erroring

So I just noticed Conna’s sensor stool was erroring and saying this:

entities\base_gmodentity\shared.lua:43: attempt to call method ‘SetVar’ (a nil value)

  • So I tried deleting it, re-downloading from and I just got the same error.
  • Then I thought maybe another addon was somehow making it error, so I deleted my garrysmod folder, but with no result.
  • So I thought maybe that specific stool wasn’t working anymore (all of Conna’s other stools work perfectly) So I searched the web and found another stool (OLProxSensor2.0) and simply got the exact same error.

I’ve tried on two different computers and I get the same error on both, anybody got any fixes or possibly an updated sensor?

A garrysmod update broke it.

Aww well thanks for the quick reply :smiley:

Maybe I’ll get lucky and somebody will make a sensor that works after whatever update in question ^^