Senstive explosive barrel trap suggestion

Explosive barrel trap, where we can craft barrels and put them in a rad town or airfield, meant to look like normal barrels, but with a landmine in the top and gun powder in the middle, to increase the explosion. Just to add the “realism”, you could link it up with a wire to be pressure sensitive, once the barrel is destroyed.

I think this could be in the game but not at this point of time. First we need some balance and not another tool to boost tower campers

why sensitive? are you afraid of offending muslims?

Would love nothing more to engage in that fun conversation, but not looking to get banned. :smiley:

Yes, more traps could be fun, but this kind of trap will probably not improve gameplay.

Imagine the airfields on highly populated servers… It would hilarious for players with loads of resources and every Blueprint avaliable to fill airfields and radtowns with fake barrels and watch new players blow up in their search for decent loot.

But traps were added into the game mainly to make it easier to defend bases. Traps should not be used to trick people that there’s loot and then blow them up, because that’s how you stop people from getting weapons, armor and ways to improve their defences. Big clans might find your trap helpful though, since they can make it near impossible for other players and clans to aquire the gear neccessary to challenge them.