SEnt Baloon info is not showing up in ENT:Draw()

Hi forum,

   Text =  "Mode: "..tostring(self.Mode) 
Model:".. self.Model
Mass: "..tostring(self.Mass)
Time: "..tostring(self.STime)
   AddWorldTip( self:EntIndex(), Text, 0.7, self:GetPos(), self  )

Wen i run my ENT, Mode, Model, Mass, STime are not showing. It gives me nil and cannot convert it…
Note that i already have those fields created on the ENT to pass around data between sv_ and cl_
I have tested “print( Text )” and it works on Lua 5.2.3 compiled with gMake…
When i replace the " Text " variable with a normal quoted string, it draws it.

Any Ideas ?