SENT stacker?

Is there an addon that stack entities? Stacker is great for props but just doesn’t work for entities.

Things I had in mind were stacking mirrors from Laser STOOL and they can be duplicated no problem.

Any ideas?

Open up the stacker tool file, and go to line 36, " if trace.Entity:GetClass() != “prop_physics” then return false end" .

Replace it with:

	if trace.Entity:GetClass() != "prop_physics" then 
		if trace.Entity:IsPlayer()
			return false
			return true

Tada now it works on a bunch of shit that you really shouldn’t be duplicating but oh well enjoy.

well removing such limits is dangerous, you can stack npc’s, detail ents maybe even something worse like buttons and such, this small change will make havoc on any server

Whoops, retarded error in the script I put there. Fixed.