SENT that smoothly rotates to face point

I have a SENT that needs to turn and face a point (like the player). This should be a smooth rotation that occurs over time; the entity shouldn’t snap to face the target instantly.

I tried using self.Entity:SetAngles(targetAngle) with gradual increments derived by using math.ApproachAngle, but the rotation is too choppy.

I’ve heard that I can get smoother rotation by modifying the angular velocity of the entity’s physics object. The thing about that, though, is that my entity is actually a flying entity. It’s basically going to be something that flies around following the player. So, I’ve set its move type to MOVETYPE_FLY, which means I can’t do anything to the entity’s physics object.


Never mind. I found I could use **[PhysObj.ComputeShadowControl](** inside of **[ENT.PhysicsSimulate](**. I’d set my entity’s movetype to MOVETYPE_VPHYSICS, but since I’m overriding the physics I can still make my entity fly.