Sentry Defense

Some fun with Sentry guns and lots of zombehs :d
My friend , who sucks at Gmod, told me to prove to him that the possibilities are indeed infinite in GMod, so he asked me to make lots of sentries in the middle of a large map, with zombies coming from every direction.
It isn’t exactly like he wanted, be he sure damn liked it :P.

I’ve used the SharpeYe v1.11 for a few shots.

Also, music is from the fake Left 4 Dead 3 trailer. (with the soccer moms)
Crappy extension with WMM.

this doesn’t really prove “that the possibilities are indeed infinite in GMod”

and seems like a more “HURP DERP I CAN HAS SENTRY HURR DURR

but it’s stuff like this that makes my want to install gmod everyday

My friend ASKED me to simply make a map with sentries and zombies, i went beyond that.
He just named something random which he wanted me to record, although it was something fairly simple.

I hate how you just looped the music over and over again, till the end, though the music was great. Also camera motion was a bit choppy, annd the part where the guy shot the rocket, remove the hud.

Camera positions were great, the zoom in and out was good, slowmo was slightly overused, but has a nice touch to it. Realy shows that Garrysmod can be used for more than just building and RPing.

This is why whenever a friend gives me an idea i don’t like, i just say “Good idea” but never actually make it.