Sents in hammer

Hey, i’ve been wondering, how would you add sents, like a “sent_ball” (Bouncy Ball) in hammer? Would be great to know if it’s possible.

Place down any point entity (like info_player_start) then open the properties and change the classname to sent_ball.

If it has a model, for instance a modified Lua Jalopy, make a prop_static, make the world model the jalopy model, place it how you want, then make it whatever the entity’s name is.

Eh, when the map is loaded in gmod the model will be set automatically, so you don’t need to set it in hammer.

Awesome, thanks guys.

But if you want it in a specific position, for instance, in a garage facing the right way, making it a prop_whatever allows you to dictate the position of it ingame.

Well in that case yeah, otherwise no need lol.