SEnts; Key Values, Flags, Inputs and Outputs - how?

Aloha. I would like to know how to create Key Values, Flags, Inputs and Outputs for a scripted entity. (In Lua, of course.)

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Here’s an example I’d actually use:
Let’s say I made an entity that used a

box model. I want the keyvalue of “Item Type,” an integer, 0 being a coin, 1 a red shroom, 2 a fire flower, 3 an ice flower, 4 a ghost shroom, 5 a super flower, 6 a propeller mushroom, 7 a carrot or bee shroom, 8 a mini shroom, 9 gives coins for some time and after 9 hits it will explode in coins when it stops allowing you to hit it, 10 a life shroom, 11 a mega shroom, 12 an invincibility star. It has the flags “Fake/Empty” to make it give nothing and “Hidden” to make it invisible until hit. It has the output “IsEmpty” for when it’s used up. It has the input “ReSup” to reset it’s hit count to 0, “ItemID” to change what it’s holding, and “DestroyMe” to make its hit count 99, killing it’s mysterious properties.

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Fine, I’ll get it myself. >_<
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