Separating Entities (weapons) that are on the world from those carried by the player as usable weapons.

Well, this derives from my previous question but this is kind of a whole new thing, since the last one was a question of possibility.

How do I separate the weapons on the ground or any entity, from those carried by the player when reading all the entities?

Entity:IsInWorld checks if the entity is within the world, and Entity:IsPlayer is irrelevant. (I think)

Any ideas?

Weapon:GetParent() should return the player that carries the weapon.
You can also try checking Weapon.Owner or Weapon:GetOwner()

yeah, I tried those and it didn’t work, I scrapped the whole idea of a global scan, I now only do it after a trace.
sorry to bother you, I also tried what you said before going “screw it all” so thanks!