September release

Because the release is coming soon, i know there will be a ton of more players. Because of the “lack” of people playing regularly i see some problems with the amount of people that will flood the server(s) and i am interested about knowing how they will deal with that.

The flood is real.

You are an idiot it will not be released in September read the sticky, and in case you do not know what a sticky is, it says that more keys will be available to buy! Not for everyone they will still likely be limited.

“The game will start being available for everyone sometime in September.” What’s that if it’s not a release?

“-it’ll release in a few weeks as of August 23rd”

Basically September

Didn’t Garry or someone else say something about, when it releases, you can host your own server?

If that’s the case then there will be no flood. If there were only a select few servers, yeah that would be the case. But if servers can be hosted by anyone, then it will just balance out between the servers, with just a few popular servers.

Question answered. Bam.

It wasn’t said that it would “release”, but that it would become available. Considering that it’s currently in alpha right now that makes me think they’re going to allow people to purchase a way into the beta in probably limited runs so that it’s not 1 big wave of people flooding and crashing the servers, but more of a gradual ramp up to test them.

Also if they plan on making this game either launch through steam or an .exe on your desktop, it would only help the game in the long run to do that for the beta phase before a full release of the polished game. The only people that seem to get away with releasing an unfinished game are those making MMOs recently, then just adding the rest of the game through patches. Can’t say that I know Garrys work that well yet, but I doubt he’s going to make a move like that

They’re making more servers. Or so called “cluster servers”

might have limited keys sold…
like 100 keys for sale or so…

It’ll be a LONG while until it’s released properly. We’re aiming to let people pay for access to the alpha within the next couple of weeks.

“4 are surviving right now”

What the hell happen to all the testers?

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YAY! I can finally play it soon. Getting it straight away when it’s released!

It’s 7AM on a Wednesday.

I thought it was a closed beta. Fuck me.

Lol for me it’s 15:41

It’s gonna be kind of closed. We’ll only be selling a limited number of keys per day.

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How much will they cost?

The cost will vary

Well since im at work and i can play, thats why i get bored very easy :slight_smile:

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