September Update - News - Rust

Since the Underwater Labs release, we've been following your feedback closely. The majority of feedback was surrounding high loot density and lack of player interaction. We've now reduced the map Labs count from 6 to 3, removed red and blue keycard spawns, additionally loot crates will no longer spawn while players are nearby. 

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Any thoughts on possibly adding Corsair iCUE support? Not just Razer/Steelseries? It would be greatly appreciated :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

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Yea I’d say Corsair and Logitech are probably the most used besides Razer hopefully they add them

Can you give thought to adding the ability to add a flashlight to your jackhammer:)

Re: RGB Integration,

Wooting has a public SDK for their RGB and Analog functionality, the RGB one can be found on GitHub here.

Could Facepunch perhaps consider having a look at this?

Cheers from Belgium <3

Can we make drawn art persist on signs and such if you pick them up? Would be cool to buy/sell art to others or move it around.

No mention of a fix for the issues players with Ryzen and RTX 3000 are having with stability?! Your game often just hangs, unresponsive to Windows with an event log message indicating this. We love the content, but please focus on these serious stability issues. You’re forcing some in your community with cutting edge hardware to move on to basically any other game and we don’t want to. We can’t provide you output logs because…well…the Rust.exe process just hangs. Reinstall game? No improvement. Reset EAC? No improvement. We need your help.

“Submarines now take additional damage from bullets.”

Rib boats, dingy boats, and Minicopters and Scrapie have the insane amount of health. Mini have more health then a submarine and can fly around 90% of the map and fastest mobility. EXTREMELY unfair to person in submarine solo and duo

If ur gonna increase additional damage, give subs a better defense at least, sink faster, turn better, accelerate faster and quieter. By the way when you mean additional damage, u really mean additional damage, i got melted in solo submarine so fast by 2 people with 1 spray of mp5(30 shots) and 1 Ak spray (30 shots) i wasn’t even given a chance to sink deep enough to avoid bullet damage. And speaking of bullet damage really unfair bullets travel wayyyy further underwater. Guessing water isn’t as dense as air anymore.