Sequel, not Remastered

I’m really new to the facepunch forums and I certainly don’t want to speak on behalf of facepunch but I wanted to voice my opinion as a fan. I’ve been seeing a lot of people throughout the forums unhappy with how s&box is going to handle gamemodes and servers (I don’t think anything is set in stone as of now but I think I have the general idea on how it’s going to work). Some people are upset that the focus is on the gamemodes rather then the servers they are hosted on. I want remind people that this is supposed to be a sequel, not gmod with better graphics. I argue this change is beneficial and necessary for multiple reasons.

Garry’s Mod’s fanbase is aging. I feel in order to introduce a younger and wider generation of gamers to what facepunch has to offer, you need for it to be simpler, easier, and quicker to access the content people are making. Waiting 20 mins to join a server because it needs to make sure that you have a 13GB player model of generic anime girl #492 or searching the workshop page for a certain addon because you just joined a server and see pink and black squares everywhere isn’t something people like doing–especially if you’re young or technologically challenged.

Facepunch as a company has grown A LOT since gmod was first released. Their reputation becomes more important the bigger they get. By putting the focus on gamemodes I feel that game creators will be incentivized to make their gamemode more accessible to a wider audience. As a result, it will reduce instances of loading into servers of big breasted anime women using a certain sexual assault SWEP on you then vaping into the distance to move onto the next victim. Over the years, I’ve become desensitized to stuff like that, I think a lot of us have been. But to a new player (and in all honestly anyone who is normal), it can be a lot to take in and probably isn’t what facepunch is most proud of.

Most importantly, there already is a game where its users can have custom servers with addons based on gamemodes. That game is garry’s mod and it isn’t going anywhere. I don’t feel that s&box was made to replace gmod and I don’t think it will. I urge those critical to give it some time because I think they’ll end up enjoying a new style of gaming :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to know what you all think and if you see where I’m coming from so feel free to (argue) engage in an open discussion with me.

Please forgive me and delete this thread if this has been mentioned or addressed somewhere else.

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I don’t really think that s&box will completely abandon the server community idea. Yes, it’ll be more streamlined and won’t require you to own games to not have pink and black squares, but users will still be able to create all those silly things you’ve mentioned. Low effort stuff will still be in the game. But so will decent gamemodes. I think s&box will catter to both audiencies personally.


Of course, I don’t think that the addon aspect for the server customizability is going to be removed. However I do feel that the focus is going to be on the gamemode aspect and things like auto-matchmaking for servers will be the majority of how people play games.

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Sorry, I guess I’ve had a part in causing the uproar in the adjacent disussion.

I agree the times of hundreeds anime girls with strange hats running around should remain the past. Nevertheless there still should be complex experiences. Maybe I understood the initial concept of S&box wrong.

In Garry’s Mod the experience is composed like in a canteen, you select a gamemod and usually a lot of addons. S&box’ aim is, on the contrary, like to give ground to build complex full-fledged experiences with gamemod being somewhat a complete application. And addons would tweak some really tiny aspects(?)

My misconception lied around longer-term games which are played by revisiting the same server on Garry’s Mod. I guess there’d be no room for these in S&box?

But the subject of the original discussion remains

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Not just you lol some other people are very insistent on this being Gmod 2 rather than a successor. But yeah I should’ve clarified in my post that addons could still very much play a role in s&box. However I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, it’s all my speculation. The lack of a definitive answer makes me wonder if facepunch has even made a decision yet.

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Personally, I’d like to be a sequel, tbh. I prefer the essense of creating individual mods and put together in orther to make a fun play with your friends.

However, I see that these “s&box dependency” style has some advantages: lower download times, less pink textures, less space in the disk, less problems with moderation and inapropiate addons uploaded onto the game…

I just wanna make custom servers in order to grab some friends and play some minigames all together, without having to connect to the official s&box.

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Sure, Facepunch is free to iterate and try new things. I’m more than happy to criticize parts of Gmod that were bad. I can’t imagine anyone wants the same exact game. But I’m going to be equally critical of decisions being made with sandbox. I’m not going to go off the rails with it, because the game is early in development, and because I have some idea how annoying it can be to be dogpiled when your vision is at odds with the community. I just have this strong suspicion that we’re going to learn the hard way that the old way of doing things had merits, people are going to build their own half-baked solutions, and it’s going to be a bit of a clusterfuck.


I agree with you on that people are going to make half-baked solutions and it will inevitably create a clusterfuck of different things. I just feel like people aren’t understanding the whole gamemode concept and are still trying to look at s&box through the eyes of gmod. Addons and private servers in gmod worked so well because there was like 3 main gamemodes people played. The idea behind this being gamemode focused is that it is meant for soooo much more than just DarkRP, TTT, Prophunt, etc. Gamemodes will be substantially different from one another (compared to gmod) and as a result, their addons will be more specialized. Getting them all to work together in a private server wouldn’t really make any sense.


Not sure if you saw this, but many people have been talking about this! While the games may have similar features, that does not mean they will have to simply be remakes, sequels, or remastered versions!


I never really thought Garry’s Mod was meant to please “regular people.” I thought it was more of a fluke that Garry’s Mod took off as a near-mainstream PC game. Almost feel as though compromising the things that made Garry’s Mod different from what most people like to see in games will remove the greatness from it.

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I guess solving those problems increases computer literacy at least a bit. But yeah, they’re annoying.
And there’s probably gonna be people who complain about new generation getting it all too easy, like seniors that kept talking about their “everyday journey to school”