Seras Victoria from Hellsing please!

I would LOVE to see a Seras Victoria(Police Girl)(Hehe I had to call her that :P) model (Not for those poses you pervert…). So I could make Hellsing inspired comics. I’ll post some pics…oh and if possible I would like a Alucard one also.

Seras Victoria:



Or…you could just reskin like Alyx for Seras and uhmmm for Alucard maybe barney or someone

That would be really sweet. And, how about the Harkonnen 30mm rifle, and Alucard’s Jackal (there already is his .454)?

Indeed that will be sweet

That would be sweet, thanks for keeping thread alive hopes that a skinner or modeler will come

Ppph, manga version of Seras is better than the anime version. :v:

You can’t just reskin stuff onto other models and expect it to look good if the Model wears totally different clothes. People do that on the Sims 2 and it looks really really really bad. Seras and Alucard would definatly require a darn good modeller to make though.

Yeah, she kicks ass

would like to see these though :slight_smile:

Something really random that I just noticed: Alucard backwards is Dracula :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t die please…

Wow. You’re slow haha I noticed that right away the first time I saw the name. I’m no modeler but I guess this would be cool.

It would be really hard to do a good Alucard, unless you want a 500-bone trench coat.

Except they made her practically worthless in the anime. :frowning:

When compared to the later volumes of the manga at least.

In the latest version of the Hellsing mod for Max Payne 2, there is a really good Alucard model there, or there is a good one for The Specialists.
Both would require porting, but its one way of getting Alucard.

That would be cool if someone could get it from there, but is there a Seras Victoria (hehe Police Girl) on that mod?

There is a Seras Victoria model for Unreal Tournament 2004 maybe someone can contact the author and get them to release the appropriate files.

You people are gods about finding models to be ported. Just not gods of porting them.

For the love of god don’t die!!!

You can convert UT2004 models to HL2… but I think it’s better to ask the original author…

I don’t know how to convert :frowning:

Please, do not die.