Serenity PvE|NoobFriendly|NoRaid/Grief|Commands!|

Serenity is a PvE server for everyone that wants to come in.
At Serenity you can be as creative as you like because more safe then this you won’t be for a while! :slight_smile:
We’re a warm and friendly community that welcomes everybody that joins us.
We are safer against raiders because C4 and F1 Grenades are off. This means that no one can just blow up the home you worked so hard for.
On top of that we have a friendly admin team that is ready to help you with anything you need.

To connect open console (F1) and enter:


Hope to see you ingame!

For other info you can check

Bump! This server has worked really hard to get everything right for a safe, friendly environment, come check us out!

Server updated again!

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More bumps :slight_smile:




Admins on at all times! Come join us