I got this absolutely fantastic model from Foundation 3D, And I thought it would be great if someone could port it to Source.

I would try it myself but quite honestly I don’t know how to, all I do is make half-assed props and shit like that.

Anyway, here’s the model:


The link:
It’s in .max format.

I hate doing this but, bump.

Says the file is unavailable.

Ok, that’s weird, I just uploaded it.

I suppose I’ll try filefront.


For the sake of keeping this alive, Filefront link:

Hurry, before it gets taken down.


The megaupload link is back online :hurr:

One final bump, if this doesn’t work, then fuck it.

Are the textures already applied to the model correctly?

They are, but it’s a .max file, also there’s lots of 'em (textures I mean).