Serenityservers vs NFO Hosting

So I’ve been running an RP Server Community for about a year, using SerenityServers as my host.
I’m deciding on whether to switch to NFO Hosting but I’m not sure.

At least every 2-3 weeks I have to send in a ticket about something to Serenityservers and I’m getting tired of all these problems

Which one is better, Performance wise and price wise, and is switching worth it?

NFO is the absolute best host, Superior performance and customer support.

The only down fall is that you have to fork over more cash

GMC has a nice little setup going.

Thanks for the heads up Penguin!

If you want proper performance (dedicated resources) with fast support (We match NFO during business hours) and the best DDoS protection (NFO’s DDoS protection is quite terrible.) while only paying half of what NFO currently charges then feel free to check us out.

To get my mind in perspective - how would you say the performance is, compared to NFO?

That all depends on many factors. We have recommended player slots with each of our packages which guarantees that you will be able to fit X amount of players on each as long as you don’t have any stupidly un-optimized addons.

Every recommended player slots package is tuned for a moderate setup on an intensive game-mode like DarkRP / many usual addons at 15-22 tick-rate.

No other host guarantees proper performance without you actually buying a machine. They simply sell by player slots which means that they can oversell onto one machine all they want without consequences. We cannot do that for example.

What I will tell you is that you will get equal performance with us with a more stable platform as this is as close to a dedicated machine without you paying in the 100-200 USD range.

I see, I might give this a try. Nice job on the website, by the way. It’s absolutely incredible.

Thanks a lot!

Just curious to hear your side.
Why should I pick you over NFO?

I can give you five reasons out of many.

We offer our services (Not in any order):

  With Dedicated resources / proper server performance which no other host can reliably match.)

  For half the price that NFO charges (for our game servers, not dedicated machines)

  With many more perks (fully custom workshop downloader, custom control panel, encrypted FTP, etc)

  Along with the best DDoS protection (95% protected). Alternatively, if you pay extra (+7.50 USD per mo.) then you can get our additional our VSE Guard which truly protects you from the the most in depth DDoS attacks. That's what some top servers currently rely on.

  With support that would match NFO during our business hours. If you contact us during our business hours then you should get a response within 10 minutes maximum (depends on the situation). We also offer direct Steam / TS based support if you really wish on using that.


What exactly is the workshop downloader?

Our custom workshop downloader allows you to download a workshop addon / collection onto the server, have it automatically be converted into folders, have it work nice with Linux and also allows you to make clients download said workshop addon / collection ( yes collection ) with a single click of a button (within 0.1 seconds for a addon and up to 1 minute for an entire collection).

It’s designed to replace the current system that every other server host is using and so far after being active for about a year and a half, we have had absolutely no complaints. Of course some people don’t like change at first but everybody gets used to the new system and never looks back.

Just curious, what would be your solution to a server randomly restarting at random times?

A server will never restart randomly. That is a server crash. We provide very very limited support as does other hosts including NFO. Your best bet is to hire a developer to take a look.

Why choose either of these shit hosts when there’s GMC? - I have not had a single issue with GMC, the owner is a very kind dude, and he rescued my community on multiple occasions.

Reason I dont recomend gmc is because their only location is in Montreal, Canada and in Europe.

Not hating the host its definetly a competitor. Ertug I highly recomend you add more locations like Atlanta and LA

If say follow the advice and give GMC a go they have a nice thing going there

We prioritize DDoS protection over having many locations in the US unlike NFO. Our US East / Montreal location along with our custom optimized routing / location targeting helps greatly to try to offer clients solution that is near the center of the US (Chicago targeting location wise, but really still US East) with the DDoS protection that some top servers require.

In my opinion at least, having a server near the center is best as that way everybody in US East and US West would not lose out. Montreal / US East should provide a fairly low latency with the best DDoS protection out there.

I had problems like the server status suddenly saying “Unknown”, giving me no ability to control my server during my earlier days with Serenity.
Soon enough I too got tired of these problems, complained to Serenity and practically said I would leave if I see this problem again. They then decided to just give me a new box entirely, since then haven’t had a problem at all with them.
However I do recomend to switch over to something else, GMC is really nice but the locations weren’t really that preferrable to me.

I highly respect your approach with premium Ddos protection. If you could add more locations within the US with your premium protection then your hosting is gold