Sergeant Hartman NPC

I think it would be cool if somebody made an NPC of the DI in Stanley Kubrick’s popular film, Full Metal Jacket. He should only be able to hit and kick other NPCs/players when provoked and be capable of yelling and swearing frequently, just like in the movie. I think it is a pretty good idea, but the decision is ultimately up to you or whomever would like to make an NPC of this wonderful man.

Wow. This is actually a good idea. As for the hitting, I know that the metrocop has a shoving animation for when you get too close (Does Barney have the capability to perform this, since he has metrocop animations?). So perhaps we could make a yelling Barney with a campaign hat.

Good idea, but I think Barney would have to look slightly older to be Sergeant Hartman(and lose the whiskers, too). So maybe there might be some other model we could use? Or maybe making a whole new model for Sergeant Hartman w/ metrocop anims.

I appreciate your help. Thanks

Magnuson seems like a good bet.

I mean, we can just make a “Generic Drill Instructor,” but we could always headhack a Magnusson onto him.

Magnusson would make a nice DI.

Maybe if it’s possible, we could port one of the DIs from Half-Life: OpFor, like this one:

But if quality is what you’re aiming for, Magnusson would probably be the best choice for right now. I wanted the DI to look as much like R. Lee Ermey( as possible. But I don’t want to make too many demands; I don’t want to overwork anybody so Magnusson will have to do for right now. Again, I appreciate everything you’ve suggested. The only problem is that I don’t really know how to model(which is why I posted in the request forum).

Please talk to me.