[SERIES] Gordon Freeman's Magical Cocaine Speedrun Adventures!

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host_timescale 0.1 > Play/Record > host_timescale 1 > Watch!

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Breaking Half-Life 2 in style!


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- NEW! -


Speedruns! Who hasn’t watched those, honestly? Some are pretty impressive, and some are even a little showy. Well now I’ve figured out how to make my own, and it’s actually pretty easy both to play and record. Simply set the host_timescale value to a number lower than one (0.2 or 0.1 are best), record a demo and play through the level in bullettime, then once you’re done, set timescale back to 1, and play back the demo. The results can be quite entertaining, bordering on aimbot levels of ridiculousness. And I’m not even that good… I want to see what someone with better aim and quicker reflexes can do.

So… Which level should I break next? You decide!
** You can also record, upload and submit your own right here in this thread, if you’d like. I’ll add them to the OP.**

Well seeing as it’s HL2 only, I think you should run through ravenholm.

Seeing someone speed run through the Beta though would be interesting to see.

Ravenholm in progress…

EDIT: WOW is Ravenholm prone to crashing. I’ll do another part of the game for now, until I can figure out why. Nova Prospekt anybody?

Sorry for the double post, edits on the previous one aren’t going through for some reason…

Episode 2 is up, by the way. Let’s speedrun jail!

You shouldn’t do so sudden mouse movements, it ruins it

If you’re talking about the first clip I did (where occasionally the camera seizes and spins very fast), yeah I’ve learned not to do that. It took maybe 2 minutes per tunnel I went through in that so I tried to entertain myself. Had no idea it would turn out so jarring.

You’re essentially watching compressed time. These take 10x as long to play through as they do to watch, meaning a 6 minute clip takes around an hour. Even super smooth mouse movements look like spasms when they’re played back ten times faster. That and occasionally I’ll toss something in the air or mess with scenery or something to keep myself occupied during the long stretch of time these take. I can try to keep calm in a future one if you’d like, though. :v:

I know.
And holy hell it was spazzy in both.