Serious 3Ds MAX alternatives.

Ok, I tried 3Ds MAX at our school, and it was absolutely stunning. I was already kidding around with modeling, but I never got my hands on real modeler. I was always disappointed with results, and I thought that it was just because I sucked at it. Now, when I have tried 3Ds Max for around 4 hours, I know it wasn’t me what sucked. It’s totally incredible tool. It was my first experience with it, and I already got into it, and possibilities started flowing through my head.

Problem is - I can’t get it.

  1. It’s expensive as hell
  2. It doesn’t run under Wine, and I can’t get Windows right now.
    Please let’s not discuss how I could and how I should get 3Ds MAX. I want to look know about alternatives.

I don’t really care about how simple is learning of it, nor how intuitive it is. I have already mastered few obscure interfaces, and I say -bring it on.
Only thing I really want, is as powerful and useful tool I can get my hands on. Please list everything good, and what you use for modeling.

Personally, I use blender. It seems to be the most powerful free alternative. It supports all popular Operating Systems.

I also suggest these for rendering in conjunction with it. (Also free)

What about Maya I heard about earlier?

The cost is not that much of a concern, as long there is some possibility to get some learning version, but I wan’t to see everything out there.


3DS Max:

Same Company/Same Price

Maya caters more to artists while 3DS Max caters to Game developers and television/movies

I can’t see Maya working any better under Wine than 3DS Max, I’m fairly sure that on Linux, Blender is your only option.

Ok, thanks for your help. I will start my fight with Blender.

There’s Maya PLE which is like the standard maya only free. It’s a great tool to start with.

Are you sure you can still get that? I’ve not been able to find any links to an actual download, the only place i can think of where i’ve seen it is hidden in the files on the UT3 disk.

Totally agree. I started off with Maya PLE and went to Max when my college provided it. It gave me a great head-start and got a great program to me earlier.

I thought HL2 SDK had a special version of XSI available?


Easy to use program, just as powerful as maya or 3ds max. and its free!1

No, XSI Mod Tool just has HL2 SMD support inbuilt or something.

Well it sorta does, they give you the addon file for the SMD import/export but its not actually installed when you get it and they don’t tell you where they’ve hidden it in the installation files either ¬.¬

wings 3d makes modeling easy and fun

Blender is pretty great and it’s free.
If you ever get the money though, 3ds max is probably the best option, I like it more than Maya.