Serious Admin Abuse

I noticed some serious admin abuse:

a few days ago we had a big fight with the admin group, I killed the admin but he teleport back and spawned stuff
he also teleported his group to their base and some of his team members had godmode

also before we were enemy’s he teleport a friend to someone let him kill that guy and teleport my friend back

the server name is : (NL/BE) Rust Adventure Time
the admin name is : Armian (Also his steam name )

he banned my hole team from the server because we spoke the truth

also a lot of people left the server

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))


so admin abuse is a serious problem i heart more admins are abusing

And what do you want to do about it?

Why do people think there are rules for admins? If you don’t like it, change server.

I can only repeat the truth.
,Admins Server,Admins Rules,

Its not fine to abuse their Power,but they can do what they want on their OWN Server.They paid for the Server.
So there are 2 Things you can do.
First,you change to another private Server and Hope that there are no Admins or there are active Admins which dont abuse their Power.
Second,you play on an official Server.

Thanks for the info, i let Santa know about this. Guess who’s getting bumped into the naughty list?