Serious Cheaterproblem

Hey to all out there

my friends and me bought this great game last week and played a lot during the weekend and first of all it’s really good and i know it’s far away to be finished, but now playing it make no sense, because every rl night a fkn cheater (i can’t explain it to me different) in our house kills us and steals all of hour stuff.
now the questions
is there any to avoid it?
if there isn’t one will it be fixed in the beta and when approx. will that come?

thx for all help

we build a save house with wood and an irondoor, the windows does have metal bars, it’s all complety when I wake up with a stone in my hand :confused:

I recommend you play on community servers, admins will ban cheaters when they arise.

VAC or Cheatpunch will eventually take care of the hacks that they use overtime.