(Serious) City Life RP

(Please excuse the lame intro here)

Hello, users of Facepunch. I have come here today to ask you all to visit my server.
Are you sick and tired of the usual Rp_Downtown map?
Are you sick and tired of the usual rdming that is seen?
Do you crave a place that you can actually roleplay on?

Worry no more, citizens of Facepunch, for I have the place for you.

I am aware that Darkrp is a very popular gametype, thus it has become very unoriginal to use it. This is why i have tried to make my server as original as possible.
City Life RP is a new 45-Slot server with low pings and many features.
We are looking for many active members who wish to join our server.
We are in-need of some moderation, so we are also selecting some admins.
Unlike some unoriginal servers, the map used on our server is EvoCity
Sick and tired of a server crashing RIGHT when you bought a money printer? Worry no more, our server stays up 24/7.
We are aiming to have an admin on for atleast 90% of the time, so that you do not have to put up with rdmers and non-rpers.
I can tell you that all of our admins will be respectful and trustworthy, as they are hired to help you.

In-game, you get to have 1 vehicle. This is because the map is pretty big, and you need a vehicle to travel in it.

There are only a few basic jobs, but this is so you can make more jobs yourself.

You drop 10$ on death
You drop your weapon on death
Chance of earthquakes

Now on to the server info-------------------------------------------

Map: EvoCity
Name: City Life RP [24/7]
Ran by: Oje (Me)

I hope to see some of you online, thanks for reading.

This sounds like DarkRP, but then again, people need to realise that DarkRP works in a mingefree areas, good luck, make sure to have really keen admins.

Thank you for the response.
If anybody needs to contact me, I come on 6:00 PM every day eastern time (ALWAYS, but I visit alot of other times, too).

Try switching to Cakescript. Not saying DarkRp is bad. But it requires serious administration. Every minute an admin isnt on, is another minute that a DMer could be running around killing people. And nothing of what you’ve added is very extraordinary. This isnt to be mean. Its just a few tips.

chuck is a winner. I will check it out soon.

That’s not good, people would kill for the 10$ dropped. (By killing a 11 player server you get 100?, war)

10x11 = 110
Stop skipping math class. :frogdowns:

Oh, so you can kill players without begin ACTUALLY in the server?, 10+1=11.

Excuse me, I forgot the word “server” in my last post, edited…

I honestly doubt it serious, but it does seem A LOT better than half the other DarkRP servers.

Forget it, i am actually just like donating my server to some other clan…
Thanks anyways, guys.

Well… thats sad that you would give up a server to a clan.

Nice going, you totally sawed his confidence in half >_>.

Might be smart to let him learn from his mistakes, slowly developing into a perfected community, rather than being so harsh to make him give up on it.

Yours is?

Have I not told you about 30 times that my DarkRP server is to keep minges off my Cakescript one? Get out.

That hardly makes sense, mod cakescript a little to make it mingey and call it lite like perp.

You’re both wrong:

DarkRP works, don’t blame a gamemode for minges, case closed.

Can you read, by any chance?

Can you?