Serious crash problem with Hammer [Portal 2]

Hey guys, I’m really looking for help now.
I did everything.

  • Verifying the cache
  • Reinstalling Hammer and Portal
  • Looking up all of the drivers
  • Use a system restore
  • Formatting the whole fucking computer
  • unplugging the printer -jk

Hammer still crashes very often. It used to work fine a few months ago. I have no idea what is going on.
I did a full system restore, I went from Win10 to win8 to see if it was going to fix it. i’ve got nothing
here is a video I recorded a while ago. It’s basically like this…

Seriously guys. I don’t know what to do anymore.


Does the problem only occur when you’re working on this map? If so, do you know if it also happens on other PCs?

Hammer crashes for me too sometimes. But only occasionally, not as rapid as that.

Nope, apparently is only on his computer… i worked in the same map and with me this doesn’t happen =P

Seji Evan is able to work on the map without much of an issue. he did most of the work.

At first, when I have activated the radius culling tool, it seems to go well. I was able to have a stable 5 minute without a crash (plus editing a few entities) then I tried to load an other map. and shit when back crazy.

Is there any ways to Check out the Error Log that Hammer is leaving behind?

You can open mdmp files using Visual Studio, but they’re not much help unless you also have the source code (or rather, the debug symbols) of the program that crashed. For instance, this is the only semi-useful information I got from one of my mdmp files:

There’s tons of other information in the file, but without the debug symbols you can’t make much sense of it unless you’re well versed in assembly language (and willing to spend a shitload of time, I imagine).

If you send me the file I can check out which error message it contains, but I wouldn’t expect much of it. You could also try sending it to Valve, if you know anyone there.

Hm, the files are empty (0 bytes big). Are they like that on your end too? In that case they’re useless, sadly.

I might gave the wrong file. Try this

Those files work, but unfortunately Visual Studio doesn’t show any description for the error that occurred. Maybe a kind soul at Valve is willing to take a look at them.

Have you considered copying/converting all of the game content and using another game’s version of Hammer? If you set it up to use the compile tools from Portal 2, the resulting BSP should hopefully be the same.

Yeah I did it in Alien swarm and L4d2.

I had a couple of error message in Alien swarm. something about Microsoft visual error that crash the tool

As for L4d2. it run very well, no problem. However it seems to have moved some texture. Plus, the fact it’s missing a couple of entity
The textures were misaligned and it would be pretty annoying to work on that.
However, I had absolutely no crashing issue with it.

As for Valve, Who am I supposed to contact?.
I did send a mail to Gabe Newell but I doubt he will respond to me anytime soon.

Does anyone found a solution for this yet?, because after i bought a new computer i started to have the same issue too.

What graphics card, and version of windows are you using?

Windows 7 pro 64-Bits

Geforce GTX 750 1GB PNY

Did your last PC (which it wasn’t crashing on) also have an nVidia graphics card?
I’m suspecting that at this point, since it’d be the similar hardware you have.

Yup it had, it was a Geforce 9500 Gt 1gb, my old pc was also on windows 7 pro, however it was a 32 bit system…