Serious Dark RP server brand new !

hello we have just got are server ready for play. and we are inviting people to come and play. we are willing to listen to ideas in order to improve the server. and nothing right now is set in stone. and we are looking to try and out class all the other servers. this being a few of the popular ones out there. not going to mention names. we are also going to try and allow people to use all the tools possible and try to have the best admin team we can.
please join us at

you cant put serious in DarkRP without getting trolls.

In the next few hours prepare for trolling.

we are prepared to deal with them :slight_smile:

Played on the server yesterday with y’all. Runs really well. You guys did a nice job on it. Will be adding it to my favorites. When ever it has players i will be sure to join. Of course i can’t join it right now cause steam is doing a update but. I’ll be on it after they fix it.

:o ^^ ^

remember im trying to keep the tools open to every body as much as possible. no stupid rules like u cant have but one fading door. im for making my place hard as hell to get into. i don’t like being robed :smiley: