serious darkrp problems help!!

So, earlier today, I finished downloading the latest version of DarkRP from tortoise svn for my dedicated server. Now, when I join my own game (i host the server on a different computer than the one I play garrys mod on) I do not see any DarkRP content, i only see the hud and the map, i get an error when I try to spawn a prop from the q menu
that says "Unknown command gm_spawn. I also do not get anything when I press F4. I have the folder in my gamemodes server folder, and it says in the console "Gamemode: DarkRP 2.4.2
please help

when you connect to the server did you download the cache file? in the top right hand of your screen did it say in red “cache file not downloaded server misconfigured” if so that is your problem try opening the cache file on your server and copy it to your cache folder in your garrysmod folder and connect if see if it works if not watch the server console and see if you spot any errors

That would only fix the issue for him, if he plans to have other clients join his server (generally the point of a multiplayer server) then he will either need to turn off fastdl (sv_downloadurl “”) or upload his new cache to his fastdl server.

If you see the a red tekst richt in the top in the screen its your cache file