Serious DarkRP ?

Hey, I just made those class and shipment in darkRP, i work on the server for about a day. Im actually looking to make a serious darkrp,
because I like the way its played. When I say serious I don’t mean like HL2 but like a serious darkRP where people are not mingeing everywhere.
I am looking for admin and helper who would like to help me set it up because alone its pretty long… here is the website (MADE REALLY QUICKLY; Under an hour.)
I am looking for constructive critism, not WHY ARE YOU DOING A DARKRP SERVER YOU NOOBTARD ! IT WILL NEVER BE SERIOUS !! Trololol…
And I am not asking any critism about the website, just get in the server and say what could make it better. Also there is alot of stuff missing like job and entities but i’ll fix that
tomorrow as planned with my friends. Thanks.

The server


I’ll join, might as well. I can help with administration as well. I’ve got a few friends who RP alot, I’ll bring them with me.

I working about new free gamemode.
called LightRP New Version he got some remake,new hud,little extra features , permajobs
Choose between Woman Or Man
Rp name system

its SeriousRP, and its free download.

try to make your server with rules,not extra “jobs”
like gangster and mobboss,its not RP.