Serious Experiment RP

Hello everyone.
Ill just introduce myself.
My nick is Yakuza.
Im the head-owner of the new community BioShock-RP
We are currently hosting kuroScript | Experiment and kuroScript | HL2RP
More information:

We are currently in search for ppl that admires the script and always thought it should be transferred into serious roleplay, well now we have.
I cant state the fact that you will love it, but many people do.
come have a look.
Serious Experiment RP: or
Press the picture, its a connect button.

Serious HL2 RP:

Awesome cant wait to play!

Are you gonna buy all of kuromekus scripts?

You may as well team up with him lol.

Meh, is it not allowed to like his scripts?

Nope, its your wallet man.

Enjoy your backdoors too. There’s bound to be about 3 in there.

And it is a severe waste of money buyning an overpriced Lua script.

Actually no, kuro is a friend…

Its not a waste since its the most awesomest script ever.

Haha, oh wow. No. Just no, go back to sitting on his dick please. his scripts are hardly “awesome”. You can get a more fulfilling RP from Sandbox half the time.

If I rember your previous name was Abosult Wodka and you bought experiment from kuromeku for $200 and you had no knowledge to setup it up. Then you proceeded too releasing it to the general public and as far as I know kuromeku got pissed at you for that and the fact you breached his so called license.

This was from some time ago also relevant.

And? What’s your point?

Hey now, just because his scripts can produce boredom, narcolepsy and occasional brain death in anyone not part of the narrow band of people they’re aimed at doesn’t mean they’re not amazing pieces of work.

But all those things were what I asked for :v: In all seriousness though, I don’t know/ think anyone finds this “fun” or “exciting”, much like most modern RP scripts, everything is so restricted you can barely do anything fun. You are forced to follow very strict protocols and never veer off of them, which really isn’t what Rp should be. Conna is a cancer, and he is killing roleplay.

Is this alongside, or instead of DarkRP?
See, rp scripts are actually aimed at children. Anyone who isn’t a child realises very quickly that they can actually do everything they require by themselves and simply add on a nice little rp script like Catdaemon’s one as on might add some a small script that provides a slightly quicker way of doing things to a gamemode.
Back to RP scripts, and since we’re dealing with children here, you have to treat them like children, which is why you get restrictive, because children are fucking assholes for breaking things, ignoring convention and doing whatever the shit they like, much to the annoyance of everyone else.
Now I’m not saying Connor’s scripts are the best scripts ever and anyone that doesn’t agree/play on them is a retard, but I am saying that they do do their job of containing children and giving them set tasks extremely well.
This is why they are so popular with children.
Like the OP.

Firstly, ZING!

Secondly, true. anyone with half a brain can RP in any environment, and scripts being restrictive is there to enforce this, but there is a limit on that really, if a script is too relaxed people will abuse it and do shit they shouldn’t. But if it’s too strict it just becomes a boring and mundane thing to play, you get no freedom (though you could still easily RP a different storyline, most RP admins start going batshit insane if you try).

I think I’m done here, goin’ go lurk some other threads now.