Serious Eye Problems!

This is my first time compiling a ragdoll with eyes “effects” on it. Here’s my problem

The Left eye seems to be working and follows properly, the right follows incorrectly and the iris is smaller than the left eye. How to fix this? The texture for each eyes are the same

QC File:

$modelname "francis115\cj\cj.mdl"
$cdmaterials "models\francis115\cj"
$surfaceprop "flesh"

$model studio "cj_ref.smd"
$sequence ragdoll 	"ragdoll.smd" FPS 30 		activity ACT_DIERAGDOLL 1

$eyeposition 0 0 70

//head controllers
$attachment "eyes" "head" -0.07 -2.17 72.19 absolute
$attachment "mouth" "head" 0.80 -5.80 -0.15 rotate 0 -80 -90


$model studio "cj_ref.smd"{

	eyeball righteye "head" -1.42 -2.17 72.19 "eyes" 1.00 4 "eyes" 0.63
	eyeball lefteye "head" 1.28 -2.17 72.19 "eyes" 1.00 -4 "eyes" 0.63

$collisionjoints "cj_phymodel.smd" {
$collisionjoints ragdoll {

	$mass 60.0
	$inertia 10.00
	$damping 0.01
	$rotdamping 1.50
	$rootbone "pervis"

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Oh god lol. I can probably help you later, but I saw this right before I am going to bed. I’ll see about helping you tomorrow.

Lol, the eyes look ridiculous.

Why not try shirfting the eye textures?
I don’t know because i don’t skin stuff

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Man he’s just got lazy eye

The eyes aren’t defined as equally apart in the qc

It’s the lefteye that’s messed up whilst the right eye is fine; this should probably fix it:

$model studio "cj_ref.smd"{

	eyeball righteye "head" -1.42 -2.17 72.19 "eyes" 1.00 4 "eyes" 0.63
	eyeball lefteye "head" 1.42 -2.17 72.19 "eyes" 1.00 -4 "eyes" 0.63

The left eye was a different distance away from the centre (centre = 0, left of the centre is positive and right = negative etc) than the right eye, so I copied the right eye and inverted the x axis distance so that it would appear on the left.

Should fix it, hopefully.

ah, I’ll try this, tnx

Also, change the clamp S and T settings in the VTF.


I guess one of his parents were white, because all African Americans/blacks have brown eyes unless they’re mixed. Like my half-brother.

^ I changed the eyes

Guys, I rerigged the model with Valve’s Skeleton and redo my eyes. I got a new much serious problem, The eyes doesn’t follow and just rolls everywhere!


$modelname "francis115\carljohnson\carljohnson.mdl"
$cdmaterials "models\francis115\cj"

$surfaceprop "flesh"

$eyeposition 0 0 70

//head controllers
$attachment "eyes" "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" -0.05 -72.60 0.00 absolute
$attachment "mouth" "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" 0.80 -5.80 -0.15 rotate 0 -80 -90

$bbox -13 -13 0  13 13 72
$include "humans_sdk/standardhierarchy.qci"
$include "humans_sdk/standardikchains.qci"
$alwayscollapse "Male_01"
$alwayscollapse "XSISceneRoot"
$proceduralbones "humans_sdk/male.vrd"
$include "humans_sdk/Female/commonbones.qci"

$includemodel humans/male_shared.mdl
$includemodel humans/male_ss.mdl
$includemodel humans/male_gestures.mdl
$includemodel humans/male_postures.mdl

$pushd "humans_sdk/Male/"
$include "humans_sdk/Male/hitbox.qci"
$include "humans_sdk/Male/ragdoll.qci"

$model CJ "carljohnson.smd" {
	eyeball righteye "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" -1.46 -72.60 -1.53 "eyes" 1.00 4 "eyes" 0.63
	eyeball lefteye "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" 1.36 -72.60 1.53 "eyes" 1.00 -4 "eyes" 0.63

Eyes VMT:


	"$basetexture"	"models/francis115/cj/eyes"
	"$iris"	"models/francis115/cj/eyes"
	"$halflambert"	1
	"$nodecal"	1



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