serious game crashes

I have the latest version of gmod through steam. i played for the past two days all day for several hours at a time with out a single problem. but today when i try to play after a few seconds of play gmod crashes to desktop with the “program must be shut down” error. or some times it just blue screens my computer all together. I am not sure at all whats causing this and it happened 15 times in a row without fail. anyone have any ideas?

Bad addon?


Which would mean renaming your garrysmod folder to something like “penis” and then restarting Garrys Mod.

i have made no changes since i first installed it.
the only difference is that now im running sandbox and flatgrass instead of sb_goonivers and sb3

edit 2:
i tried again but this time it blue screened while the first menu was loading.
edit 3
ok this time i blue screened just sitting there outside of gmod and then again at windows start up and again when i tried to open fire fox :frowning:


bump this time i crashed when i had my internet disconected and steam off i was just copy pasting some files… my computer might be going in the trash can since i have no way to fix it…and no money to buy new parts…and no job to get money. the blue screens happen so often with every little thing i try to do. i give up on this.

It does this since the latest update, wait for a fix

Please post your system’s specs.