Serious garrysmod problem! Crashes!!

Well Here´s my problem:
I can´t do well anything exept building… reason The game crashes!
Times when the Game crashes (and returns to windows):
When pressing new game (when already in game)
When changing graphics settings (in any way up or down)
And sometimes just at random.

Times when the game crashes (Gives blue screen of death):
When using most weapons
When props explode
When enemys do…anything…

Please help!
I Have the recommended graphics performance!
I have tried without addons! (When I bought the game :P)
I have these games hl2, hl2 ep1 & ep2, portal, L4D2, Portal, Team fortress, And garrys mod of course :stuck_out_tongue:

“I have these games hl2, hl2 ep1 & ep2, portal, L4D2, Portal, Team fortress, And garrys mod of course :P”
You are missing CS:S!
On the serious side. Tried reinstalling?!

What are your specs?

are you using an intel gpu? I had exactly the same problem when using intel graphics

Yes I´m using Intel graphics :frowning: (I know Intel´s graphics suck:(:frowning: )

And Yes I´ve tried reinstalling

If you dont know how download speccy. Speccy tells you everything about your computer.
Download it here.

Or Everest Home does the same.

MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3

Intel Pentium 4 640
Prescott 90nm Teknologi

1.5GB Dubbel-Kanal DDR2 @ 266MHz (4-4-4-12)


SyncMaster @ 1280x1024
Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family



Realtek High Definition Audio

Intel Pentium 4 640?
Isn’t that really old?

Yeah, your specs are terrible. Problem found.


Engine error or?

You can try adding -dxlevel 80 to Right click on GMod > Properties > Set launch options.

No, its his specs. Low processor, and terrible video card.

odd why can I play Left 4 dead 2, Half life 2, and about any other valve game without any problem?

Garry’s Mod is actually slightly harder on the computer. The physics engine has to work overtime. Same with your NPC problem. AI pushes your computer past its limits. Half-Life 2’s explosions are all scripted and physics engine has to do less work. Left 4 Dead 2 zombies are very simple; most only have melee attacks.

Yes, but it´s the gore/explosions and such that crashes the game/pc :frowning:

Solution: Build a better PC.

[joke]Well there’s your problem.[/joke]

But seriously. Intel GPUs don’t work with anything higher end than Lego Island 2. The GPU was never designed to run games.

You’ll need a new GPU for a desktop or laptop for a laptop. Specifically, one for gaming.

I recommend the ATI Raidon HD 5770 for ATI fans and Mac users, and the nVidia GTX 480 for nVidia fans. Of course, this stuff is overkill for anything based on source, but you’ll need overkill these days. People like to go overboard with their creations.

He has an laptop.