Serious Opinion on Vgui

How does this look for a basic votebox? Any suggestions?

(Thanks Emz for the font!)

Serious opinions only, thank you. :smiley:

It looks good, I like the scan-lines on it.

Thanks :smiley:

Looks great!

Make it shiny. :3:

I’m kinda either/or.

More shiny.


#FFFFFF with 16% opacity and a Soft Light blend is as far as I will go :3

Still not shiny enough for my liking. I wanna see my reflection.


The plain one is fine for me :slight_smile:


Just wondering, these look any good to you? The shine looks like the way to go from what you’ve done though.


My shine is a bit more solid, didn’t notice that…

1st one of hexpunK’s is good.

Hexpunk’s first.

Can I get that font?

Looks good, Gbps. I like Hexpunk’s first take on it the most as well, though.

I don’t like how stretched the font looks in its style. Try visitor1 can be found on It is similar but the proportions of the letters are nicer.

I love it! Thanks for the great tip!


I won’t be using gloss because I’m turning this into a DFrame skin :smiley: