Serious PrisonRP Sugestions

Everyone that have played prisonrp before, knows its f***ing chaos. I love the idea of the gamemode, and would like to play it, if someone made it right. Being founder and staff on many seriousRP servers, i know what makes an RP server good. But i would like to know what people think, about a serious prisonrp server, Where there is no escape, but instead focus 100p on the goal, surviving in a prison. I have some ideas on my own, how i can make this fun for everyone, and not just boring. But i would like to know if the people on gmod have some ideas what can make a serious prisonrp funny.

Can’t wait to sit in a cell for 12 hours a day! Serious PrisonRP, here I come!

No one will be in a cell for 12 hours, what prisonrp have you played?

If you want to be a “serious” prison rp, most of the time will be dedicated inside a cell to be acurate.

What prisons have you seen?