Serious problem editing LUA files

So Most of times when i EDIT my gamemode lua files with notepad they get screwed up gmod doesnt load them etc

but now if i use another editor like NOTEPAD++ it works but then like after the third time of editing the file

it starts to screw up a bit the files too

So when i end of edit my gamemode it crashes loading half of the times that i start it

so i need help here i cant keep coding on this way

also even if i use a derma menu it makes it even more unstable!

anyway here was the derma menu code that i was Using


– Lua generated by DermaDesigner
function OpenMenu()
local DLabel1
local SpawnIcon1
local CommandoBtn
local DFrame2

DLabel1 = vgui.Create(‘DLabel’)
DLabel1:SetPos(77, 213)
DLabel1:SetText(‘Powerfull Commando Rifle Comes with a Silencer perfect to Silent Kill Enemies’)

SpawnIcon1 = vgui.Create(‘SpawnIcon’)
SpawnIcon1:SetPos(13, 194)

CommandoBtn = vgui.Create(‘DButton’)
CommandoBtn:SetSize(117, 22)
CommandoBtn:SetPos(15, 170)
CommandoBtn:SetText(‘Buy Commando Rifle’)
CommandoBtn.DoClick = function() CallConsoleCommand(“buycommandoz”)

DFrame2 = vgui.Create(‘DFrame’)
DFrame2:SetSize(621, 342)
DFrame2:SetPos(9, 1)
DFrame2:SetTitle(‘General Equipment Store’)

concommand.Add (“openmenu”, OpenMenu)

Don’t use designers… make derma yourself, it’s easy

Lua != LUA
say Lua, please.

now i get crashes even not using my gamemode and i dident edit the gmod files

Rename your addons folder to addons_old. Might be an add-on crashing your gmod. Also rename your lua folder to lua_old

that was the problem appareantly sharpeYe was causing the whole problem