Serious Problem Whit the HOUSEPACK.ZIP!!!!!

Good Morning.
I’ve Buyed Garry’s Mod On Steam, and I’ve Downloaded the from (Link of the file:
But in these maps(particullary in the night one) i’ve got serious problems, as you can see in these screenshots that i’ve made:

How can i solve this problem?
I really need this map.

Do you have CSS?

My brother has it.
Can i take the files i need from his PC and put here in my PC?

Well, practically yes. You need to open his CS:S GCF files, export all the materials from there to a memory card/USB-stick/external HDD or something. Then just paste them to your computer in to the right folder.
You need GCFSpace for opening the GCF files, wich are in C:\program files\steam\steamapps.

Are you… really supposed to do that?


This question is answered in the Help and Support FAQ, read next time.

Strictly speaking, it’s illegal.

But no-one really cares.