Serious problem with this forum

I don’t understand whats the problem of the moderator who banned me for no reason, a simple warning would be more appropiate. This are my first days here on rust and I was looking to give a look at this forum and learn something but this moderator probably had a bad day and decided to ban me for 3 days for opening a new thread and not replaying on the existing.
Its enough that I paid 18 euros for this game and I can’t join the servers for few days, don’t need moderators to take it out on me and abuse their position.

Looks like you can still post, seems it was less of a ban and more of a suspension, which sounds like a warning to me. read the rules and this kind of thing probably won’t happen.

Posting on a new account makes things even worse. Just read the rules and use common sense for once.

You’ve got balls questioning the site mods’ authority, only to then break one of the only rules by creating an alt account and even admitting to it.

Read and understand this

No, its not my alt account, today my ban expired. I just want to say that a simple warning would be enough (like on any other forum), there no need to ban someone for 3 days and disable him to even read forums. Thats just a frendly advice. I admit that I was wrong but maybe 3 days is too much for a new user.

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thats true dude, but someone need to show that the moderators are not doing a good job
btw. thats the only account I have

I have a feeling that is bullshit considering there is nothing under your event log

3 days may be long, but that way you know that you don’t want to get banned again and try to be less stupid. Get used to the rules and you’ll be fine.

70 something posts and I wasn’t banned yet! I’ve been making personal milestones and everything. At 100 i’ll give myself an oreo cupcake!

The ban is the warning. If you broke the rules, the mods are not abusing their power by enforcing them.

You are right. Mods are not abusing their power, because there are rules that they are following, BUT

These rules are really bad and not friendly at all to the new players. There are no sub forums for Rust, everything is mixed together. They should create more specific sub forums where you can, for example, use only for bug report or technical. Just like any other decent gaming forum.

When I first came here, I had really big problem finding threads where should I post something. If you are bad and cant find the correct thread, should you be banned/warned for making a new one? I do not think it works like this… at least not in any decent gaming forum.

I would like to propose:
1. Make more specific sub forums.
2. Then ban/war people for not following the rules.
3. Unless nr.1 is not fixed, banning people for making mistakes is really damaging to the community.

TL;DR Mods are not abusing their power, but current rules with no specific sub forums is really shit!

There is a servers subforum though

Yes, but that is by far not enough!

Definitely agree with this guy, these mods should try to be more friendly to the community if they want to be looked at as more respectful and understanding company.

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of Balgobin, no more alts" - postal))

Lol there is more moderating on the forums than there ever was in the official servers. Good stuff

Just read the rules and don’t get banned. Simple as that. Can’t follow them? Go somewhere else.

It’s worked for years before anyone in this thread arrived so it make it work for yourselves.

I’m just saying the people representing the company should be more kind towards their customers, how is that unfair to ask any company when you purchased their product?